Welcome to our leading Rehabilitation facility.

At MidCoast rehabilitation we believe exercise is medicine and are dedicated to provide effective, goal orientated rehabilitation. Our individual and class programs assist clients of all ages and fitness levels as well as different diagnoses such as arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and cardiac and respiratory problems. The unit also houses our expanding Occupational Therapy and Paediatric services as well as Clinical Pilates classes.

“Maximise Function to Improve Lifestyle”


Balance U – this is our senior falls prevention class. Ideal for high risk patients with increasing frailty, decreasing mobility, strength and balance or post a fall or period of hospitalisation.

Stronger U – this class is also ideal for seniors but who are more independent than in the falls class. The class combines strengthening and reconditioning with some balance

Strength and Conditioning – this class suits out slightly younger patients post injury or surgery where pain is no longer the issue and they need to improve strength and fitness to return to work or leisure activities. It is also ideal post joint replacements.

Parkinson’s Power – this class aims to help the early diagnosed patients who are still ambulant. More dependent patients can still benefit from one on one treatments in the rehab gym. Our classes focus on showing Parkinson’s patients strategies and techniques to tackle “freezing”, rigidity, tremor and loss of stability with their postures.

Cardiac Rehab – all participants in this class must have a doctor referral. Participants are monitored during the class and progressed appropriately. Classes are suitable for clients post cardiac surgery, post cardiac event and with heart failure.

Respiratory Rehab – again a doctor’s referral is required. The class is appropriate for clients with chronic pulmonary disease as well as post-acute illness. Participants are fully monitored during classes.

Classes are covered by DVA, Worker’s Compensation, Private Health Funds and are $35 per class. Medicare/EPCs cannot be used in a class situation and are for individual treatments.

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